Choice Paper Company is a family owned and operated distribution center and the product of pride, respect for its employees and a genuine connection to each of its customers; be it an eight-hundred bed nursing home or that phenomenal baker who decided to take her or his skills to the next level.

    Choice Paper Company was incorporated March 1st, 1979. Before there were personal computers, cell phones, fax machines, and social media, starting an order and delivery business was nearly impossible. As a newborn company, Choice Paper's founders sold one item to their only customer out of a used 1965 Ford Econoline. Many broken down used vans later, Choice Paper carries thousands of items and operates with a revenue well into the millions. Whether you’re looking for janitorial supplies, personal hygiene products, laundry care products, disposable cutlery, disposable tableware, disposable cooking and baking supplies, wholesale or retail, chances are the product is waiting for you in our warehouse.

    Choice Paper is big enough to handle any order, yet small enough to give you the personal and immediate customer service that you want. Please give us the opportunity to serve you, and you can rest assured that your order will be handled expeditiously and carefully. 

Thank you for allowing us to continue doing what we love.